Share Trading

General Information

The Gondwana Holdings Ltd (“Gondwana”) share trading platform is not regulated in the same manner as a licensed exchange in terms of the Stock Exchange Control Act, 1 of 1985. Despite not being a regulated exchange, Gondwana ensures the integrity of the system, transactions and records through good corporate governance that includes the annual audit thereof by the internal auditors.

Any complaints regarding the share trading platform may be directed to the Group Company Secretary, Almut Kronsbein at email: assistance(at) or telephone: +264 61 427232

Gondwana’s shares are traded over-the-counter as share transactions are negotiated directly and bilaterally between willing buyer and sellers of shares. Gondwana will, through its share administration desk managed by PSG Wealth Management (Namibia) (Pty) Ltd (“PSG”), facilitate the identification of willing buyers and sellers and PSG act as administrator to provide the parties with the required documentation to facilitate transactions. Transfer Secretaries (Pty) Ltd will update its securities register after the conclusion of transactions.

Please note that all new shareholders must first be approved by the board of directors of Gondwana as set out under the “How to Trade” tab.

For more information on how to trade in Gondwana shares please go to the “How to Trade” tab.

How to Trade

How do I buy or sell Gondwana Shares?

The buying or selling of shares can easily be done through PSG Wealth Management (“PSG”) who has been appointed by Gondwana to administer the process.

You must first open an account with PSG before you will be able to buy or sell. You will need to sign a trading account mandate with PSG as part of the account opening.

Please note, all shareholders must first be approved by the board of directors of Gondwana in accordance with the articles of Gondwana. The new applicant must therefore authorise PSG to share their application with Gondwana. PSG will only be allowed to trade once a new shareholder is approved. Please note this is only relevant for new shareholders.

How do I open an account with PSG?

To open an account with PSG, you need to forward your contact details and the following documents with your request for buying or selling Gondwana shares to PSG at wealth(at)

  • Certified copy of identity document;
  • Proof of residence e.g. Municipal bill;
  • Proof of bank account e.g. bank statement not older than 3 months or a bank confirmation letter; and
  • Proof of tax registration e.g. copy of your tax registration certificate or a copy of the front page of your latest tax return.

Once PSG has received the documents and instruction, they will contact you to assist with the process.

What other documents do I require to buy or sell Gondwana shares?

Buying of Shares:

  • Completed Transfer Secretaries form – PSG will provide you with the form.

Selling of shares:

  • Original Share Certificate – the new Gondwana certificates issued by Transfer Secretaries; and
  • Signed CM42 form – PSG will provide you with the form.

What are my buying or selling options?

You can buy or sell Gondwana shares by placing an order with PSG. Two types of orders can be placed:

  • Market Order (when you want to buy or sell shares as quickly as possible at the ruling price); or
  • Limit Order (when you want to buy or sell shares at a specific price or better).

What costs are associated with selling or buying Gondwana shares?

The total cost charged for selling or buying shares is made up of 3 components:

  • Administration Fee: 0.5% of the transaction value.
  • Stamp Duty: N$2 per N$1 000 (or part thereof) of the value (only payable when buying shares).

For example:

  • The total cost of buying N$10 000.00 worth of shares is 0.7% or N$70.00.
  • The total cost of selling N$10 000.00 worth of shares is 0.5% or N$50.00.

When are payments done?

Buying of shares: You need to have the money available in your account with PSG before the order to buy shares can be executed.

Selling of shares: Settlement takes 5 working days, so you will receive your money after 5 working days of the sale being executed.

PSG Contact Details

Telephone: +264 61 378 900
Physical Address: 1st Floor, PSG Building, 5 Conradie Street, Windhoek
Postal Address: PO Box 196, Windhoek

Offers to Buy and Sell

Gondwana’s share administration desk assist with the identification of willing Buyers & Sellers and the following Buyers & Sellers requested the administration desk to publish the number of shares they intend to buy or sell and the bid and offer price thereof.

For more information and assistance contact PSG at +264 61 378 900 or wealth(at)

Buyers and Seller

Last Price: 500 cps
Movement from previous price: 0.0% (0c)
Bid VolumeBid PriceOffer PriceOffer Volume
5.0041 200
7.00382 000
7.50150 000
7.8072 454
7.90500 000
7.95500 000
8.5044 600
8.90500 000
9.00122 895
9.0550 000
9.10165 045
9.2539 900
9.40159 910
9.50204 654
10.0050 000
10.5050 000
Recent Transactions and Price History

Below are the recent transactions concluded between buyers and sellers through facilitation by the share administration desk.

Recent Transactions and Price History

DateQuantityAvg PriceOpeningHighLowClose
18/09/202038 8005.
15/09/202020 0005.
10/09/202029 5005.
25/08/202035 9205.004.805.005.005.00
21/08/202036 0304.835.005.004.804.80
12/08/2020100 0005.
07/08/202011 0755.
20/07/202043 3725.
15/07/20201 8595.
03/07/202050 0105.
12/06/202010 2005.005.505.005.005.00
03/06/20201 8005.505.005.505.505.50
29/05/202021 5005.
26/05/202020 7815.
13/05/20207 0005.
11/05/20205 0005.
06/05/20204 0006.
29/04/202024 5006.384.506.506.256.25
28/04/20207 0004.505.004.504.504.50
21/04/20201 9895.004.505.005.005.00
03/04/202050 0004.506.004.504.504.50
02/04/20203 0006.
31/03/20202 5005.935.006.005.906.00
27/03/202013 1405.005.505.005.005.00
25/03/202050 0005.505.005.505.505.50
19/03/202021 5605.746.005.955.005.00
17/03/20209 0006.
16/03/20205 0007.007.807.007.007.00
27/02/20202 5467.808.007.807.807.80
11/02/20201 9408.
10/02/202012 5008.008.508.008.008.00
07/02/202026 7308.508.508.508.508.50
06/02/20201 1708.508.508.508.508.50
04/02/202017 5008.509.008.508.508.50
29/01/20202 1059.
23/01/202050 0009.
30/12/20191 0009.
12/12/20191 1639.
28/11/201929 2789.
26/11/201910 0009.259.359.259.259.25
01/11/201910 6509.359.359.359.359.35
31/10/20192 2009.359.359.359.359.35
08/10/20191 0629.359.009.359.359.35
03/10/2019220 7009.
25/09/20191 5629.
19/09/20191 3929.
05/09/20191 6949.
23/08/20195 0009.359.009.359.359.35
22/07/20191 2809.359.309.359.359.35
17/07/201950 0009.309.209.309.309.30
09/07/20191 2139.
27/06/20193 9089.209.409.209.209.20
11/06/20193 2199.409.309.409.309.40
11/06/201927 4819.309.309.409.309.40
07/06/20192 6699.309.409.309.309.30
22/05/20195 0009.409.259.409.409.40
20/05/201921 4559.
10/05/201977 2009.019.409.019.019.01
09/05/20191 0559.409.409.409.409.40
07/05/20191 0559.409.509.409.409.40
03/05/201921 0009.509.509.509.509.50
02/05/201926 5009.509.409.509.509.50
29/04/20194 2259.409.409.409.409.40
23/04/20192 6409.409.309.409.409.40
12/04/2019106 7509.309.409.309.309.30
14/03/20191 0649.409.409.409.409.40
13/03/201937 2009.409.509.409.409.40
08/02/201910 4009.509.509.509.509.50
05/02/201924 1009.509.509.509.509.50
04/02/20196 2009.509.509.509.509.50
31/01/2019 6 7509.509.509.509.509.50
30/01/201927 1009.509.509.509.509.50


Gondwana has a dividend policy based on a dividend cover of 3 times earnings, meaning that dividends will be 33.3% of net earnings depending on capital requirements.

Dividend History

Declaration DateLast Day to TradeLast Day to RegisterPayment DateDividend per share (c)
11/04/201903/05/201910/05/201924/05/2019 24

Director's Dealings

The following transactions have been entered into by directors:

Director's Dealings

DateNameNumber of SharesPriceTransaction

Value Creation Report 2019

It is with great pleasure and pride that Gondwana Collection Namibia would like to share our first Value Creation Report with you. Proudly Namibian, Gondwana is a company with soul. The essence of our culture is intangible. To be a brand of unwavering integrity and passion. To have a lasting impact on our planet and the people whose lives we touch. To make our country, our team and all stakeholders proud. View Report

Letter from the CEO – 24 July 2020

Gondwana Holdings Ltd would like to inform their shareholders on the recent steps taken by the Board and Management. Executive Management has mainly been focusing on four areas, including 1. Engaging government to open our borders for international tourism as soon as possible, in a measured and responsible manner, and 2. Cutting costs and securing financial sustainability. View Letter