Namibian EKIPA jewellery as a special Easter gift

Mar 26, 2021

The Narrative NAmibia Online Store

Photos: The Narrative Namibia

Fancy a colourful Easter with an African flair? Look no further than The Narrative Namibia, Gondwana Collection’s online store.

This Easter the focus of the store is to promote locally produced jewellery by EKIPA. Various pieces are available on, including rings made of brushed aluminium and ostrich-egg beads; bracelets with brightly dyed springbok hide and various kinds of necklaces featuring both the antelope skin and ostrich egg.

EKIPA is a locally created jewellery and arts brand founded in 2001. The products commemorate the rich African heritage and use locally sourced material as far as possible. Keep an eye out at various of the Gondwana Collection properties where a few other of these products can be found or simply place an order on The Narrative Online Shop.


The Narrative Online Store