About us, Gondwana Collection 

Namibia, our inspiration

The Gondwana Collection Namibia combines its hospitality business with nature conservation and social commitment in a sustainable manner.

Sustainability in Namibia as a philosophy

Ever since we started in 1995 we bought farms in the vicinity of natural attractions, converted the farms into nature reserves and reintroduced game species which had once been indigenous to the area. Nature conservation is financed with the proceeds from the eco-friendly hospitality business, which in turn creates jobs and career opportunities for the local population. Read more

Gondwana’s Value Creation Report 2019

It is with great pleasure and pride that Gondwana Collection Namibia would like to share our first Value Creation Report with you. Proudly Namibian, Gondwana is a company with soul. The essence of our culture is intangible. To be a brand of unwavering integrity and passion. To have a lasting impact on our planet and the people whose lives we touch. To make our country, our team and all stakeholders proud. View Report

About us, Gondwana Collection

Honouring Namibia's Past

Dreams were discovered and history unravelled when the first Gondwana lodge was built on the farm Karios retaining the quaint century-old German farmhouse as the reception area.

Honouring Namibia's Nature

A seed was planted when the first piece of land was purchased near the Fish River Canyon in 1995. Over the years, fences were dismantled, waterholes established and wildlife reintroduced.

Honouring the Namibian People

Gondwana is committed to the Namibian people, our staff members mirror Namibia’s cultural diversity. Gondwana invests heavily in training offering avenues of advancement.