Covid-19 Hygiene Measures and Travel Tips


Welcome back to Namibia

At Gondwana Collection Namibia we look forward to welcoming you to our beautiful country, where the sun and our hospitality warm your heart and social distancing appears naturally in the wide open landscapes.

It is of course not business as usual, but Namibia is perfectly positioned to offer you a safe, exciting and soulful journey into solitude, fresh air and wide-open spaces.

All you need for a wonderful vacation in Namibia is a negative Covid-19 test, which should not be older than 7 days upon arrival. No quarantine, no further testing.

Disclaimer: The information on entry regulations on this website is based on national regulations and guidelines in Namibia at the date of publication. Requirements may vary across various airlines and countries. Travellers/guests are strongly advised to seek advice from both the airlines and destination countries in order to avoid any losses or unforeseen hindrances to their travel itineraries.

Safe Travels in Namibia

What do you need for your vacation in Namibia?

Safe Travels in Namibia with Gondwana and OSH-Med International
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Guest Arrival and Welcome at the Lodge

We greet you with a warm smile and consider your health and safety a top priority.
Guests are required to use the provided hand sanitizer; hand washing facilities are also available.
Guests’ temperature is taken upon arrival and recorded.
Our employees will be wearing face masks. We provide masks for guests who do not have a mask on their person.
Interaction with guests is contactless and social distancing will be maintained.
Guests are requested to complete a Medical and Travel Declaration upon arrival.

Restaurant and Bar

Feel comfortable and enjoy.
Hand sanitisers are available upon entering communal areas including the reception and curio shop.
We offer communal dining in the restaurant, however we apply social distancing by ensuring space between tables.
Our restaurant personnel look forward to serving our guests at the buffet and fulfilling every wish (no self-service).
Guests are welcome to have their complimentary tea and coffee at a restaurant table or in the lounge area. However, cappuccino and latte beverages are charged as per the beverage menu.
Alcohol beverages will be sold to guests as per the On-Consumption Liquor License Regulations of the Liquor Act. This means no takeaway alcohol.

Gondwana Collection, Restaurant and Bar, Namibia
Gondwana Collection, Hygiene Measures, Namibia

Cleaning of Rooms

Our guest rooms are thoroughly cleaned to make you feel safe and comfortable in your home away from home.
Guests are welcome to advise on check-in if they wish to minimize housekeeping to avoid interaction.
The Housekeeping team will wear gloves and face masks and use disinfectants for cleaning all surfaces and touchpoints (e.g. door handles, switches) when preparing and refreshing rooms.
Each room will undergo a deep clean between guests checking out and next guests checking in.
Bed sheets will not be replaced every day, as per our eco-friendly procedures, but can be changed upon request.
All laundry will be done using strong disinfectant soaps; all linen is sundried and ironed.
Any guest laundry will be washed individually.


Enjoy your fun in the sun!
Swimming pools are open; use thereof are at guests’ own risk. The number of loungers have been reduced and spaced to allow social distancing between guests.
Activities take place in compliance with the prescribed social distancing and hygiene measures.
All equipment is sanitised prior to use, particularly the interior of all safari vehicles.
Hand sanitisers are provided for all guests before embarking on activities.
Individual snack packets are handed out instead of finger food platters.

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The members of our Gondwana family are keeping you safe.
Our personnel has been educated on the improved Standard Operating Procedures and facts about Covid-19.
All employees have their temperature monitored on a regular basis.
Teams are provided with face masks and gloves.
Teams adhere to social distancing rules when in contact with other employees and guests.
Employees regularly wash their hands and use hand sanitizer.
There is a dedicated health coordinator at each property.
We stagger mealtimes for personnel to ensure social distancing.

Together we can make it

Each Gondwana property warms the heart, delights and inspires. Built in locations with spectacular landscapes, they are in close proximity to epic natural wonders, geological marvels, World Heritage sites, places steeped in history and animal sanctuaries.

We worked very hard and are well prepared to ensure the safety of our guests. Experience the feeling of self-assurance and well-being radiating from our Gondwana family.

We are ready to welcome you and to introduce you to our fascinating Namibia.

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