Wildflowers blossom at Klein-Aus Vista

Jul 24, 2020

Aus Daisy

In the Succulent Karoo, the wildflowers bloom in all their glory this year. Photos: Klein-Aus Vista

After the good rains received on the 10th July in the Gondwana Sperrgebiet Rand Park, varying from 15-42 mm, the flowers are growing and blooming.

This year is an exceptionally good year due to all the rains received in the months of April, June and July. There are predominantly seven species of flowers that grow here and paint the landscape in yellow and violet colors. For the next four to five weeks, while the flowers will still be blooming, visitors will have the chance to observe this wondrous natural spectacle!

There is the purple Blou sporrie (Heliophila deserticola) and the Blou sambreeltjies (Felicia namaquana). The dominating colour on display, however, is yellow. Five species are currently growing in abundance: Aus daisy (Arctotis fastuosa), Berg Botterblom (Gazania jurineifolia), Harige Botterblom (Hirpicium echinus), !!Kuibee (Grielum sinuatum) as well as the Gans ogies (Faveolina dichotoma).

While in some areas the flowers may already begin to stop blooming but in other areas the flowers will only start blossoming in 3-4 weeks. Klein- Aus Vista near Aus offers excursions to the wildflowers starting from 13.00 pm to shortly after sunset. The cost is N$ 500 per person, drinks and cheese plate included – if you are interested, please be sure to book in advance.

The Klein-Aus Vista Desert Horse Inn is also hosting a Market Day on 1 August 2020. To mark this occasion, shorter trips to the wildflowers of 2-3 hours are offered to accommodate day visitors, at 11am and a second trip at 2.30pm.

Come and enjoy the splendor of the Succulent Karoo Desert Biome at its best!


Wildblumen Klein-Aus Vista


Special Offers on Accommodation for July and August 2020:

Check out time on Sundays has been extended to 14:00. This is to allow guests to enjoy extra time on the property.

*Please note: Gondwana Card Rates do not apply. The 60% discount applies to rack rates.
Klein-Aus Vista adheres to the National Regulations as implemented by the Namibian Government, with regards to Stage 4 of the Lockdown Protocols. These include social distancing and the wearing of marks in public areas.

The Desert Kitchen restaurant offers various meals from our A La Carte menu. Beer is available on tap and a selection of wines and craft beers are on discounted prices.

The Lodge Curio Shop offers firewood, a variety of groceries, meats and condiments. Different types of fresh Bread are is baked on order.

Please note that prior reservations and arrangements are required for all accommodation and restaurant visits. Day visitors are welcome per prior arrangement only.


Berg Botterblom