Safe Travels in Namibia with Gondwana and OSH-Med International

Sep 11, 2020

Gondwana Collection Namibia

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Disclaimer: The information published is based on national regulations and guidelines at the date of publication. Requirements may vary across various airlines and countries and travellers/guests are strongly advised to seek advice from both the airlines and destination countries in order to avoid any losses or unforeseen hindrances to their travel itineraries. 

We at the Gondwana family are so excited to once again welcome you to our beautiful Namibia.  It is of course not business as usual, but Namibia is perfectly positioned to offer a safe, exciting and soulful journey to all on our planet who are ready to break out into solitude, fresh air and wideopen spaces.  

We are humbled and proud of how we were able to weather this storm with zero retrenchments, full and immediate repayments of deposits and without touching our customer deposits received.  

Now we are ready to offer you a complete incountry solution regarding the requirements as per the recent announcement of the Minister of Environment, Forestry and Tourism, Pohamba Shifeta, in terms of which Namibia is ready to welcome international guests without quarantine or travel restrictions.  

Gondwana Collection Namibia in partnership with OSH-Med International aim to provide our guests peace of mind and a hasslefree stay in Namibia by facilitating the required Covid-19 tests on Day 5 in the comfort and privacy of your room done by a professionally trained nurse and even offering a Gondwana owned or private sector run facility in the unlikely event of a positive test, on the terms set out below

All Gondwana properties have implemented comprehensive Covid-19 protocols as prescribed by Namibia Tourism Board and have been certified in terms of Covid-19 regulations by OSHMed International on behalf of the Ministry of Health and Social Services. OSH-Med is a private service and training facilitator for Occupational Health and Safety, as well as Emergency and Medical Care in Namibia and beyond; accredited by the Ministry of Health and Social Services, the Ministry of Labour and the Health Professional Council of Namibia. They have facilitated local protocols and transfers for expat flights on behalf of the German embassy in Namibia. 

Upon arrival travellers only have to present a negative Covid-19 test not older than 7 days; their set travel itinerary, medical questionnaire and proof of travel insurance covering Covid-19 related medical expenses. Guests need to be available for an additional Covid-19 test on Day 5 which we can facilitate as set out below. 

Gondwana and OSH-Med International offer preferential services for a carefree Namibian experience: 

  • Private Covid-19 Testing on Day 5 at The Delight Swakopmund, Etosha King Nehale and Zambezi Mubala Lodge & Camp
    House guests will be tested in the comfort of their room by a professionally trained nurse at the cost of N$1500.00.
  • Medical Assistance & Care Package, an offer for specific travel itineraries with at least 50% of your travel itinerary at Gondwana establishments or by booking a Namibia2Go rental car
    In the very rare case of testing positive for Covid-19 in Namibia; Gondwana and OSHMed International provide a full medical support package: facilitation of transport, accommodation in a registered, private isolation and quarantine facility (Kalahari Farmhouse or similar), availability of OSH Med medical professionals and liaisons with private hospitals. The costs for these services must be covered by you or your insurance. 
  • 0% Cancellation fee until 48 hours prior to date of arrival, only for your Gondwana accommodation booking, valid until 31 October 2021
    The 0% cancellation fee only applies up to 48 hours before the arrival date when the inability to travel is Covid-19 related. 

For more information please see below and/or contact info(at) or info(at)


Etosha Safari Collection

Photo: Gondwana Collection Namibia

Gondwana and OSH-Med take care of our guests 

Following the amendment of travel restrictions and quarantine for international tourists, Gondwana Collection Namibia can seamlessly integrate the necessary requirements for travellers in Namibia throughout our various accommodation establishments, as well as in the form of set holiday itineraries for our guests. Working in close cooperation with our established partner OSH-Med International, we welcome our guests to join us for a soulful getaway in our Namibia. 

Private Covid-19 Testing on Day 5 

The obligatory Covid-19 test; which is required on the 5th day after entering the country, can be actioned by OSH-Med in the comfort of your room at The Delight Swakopmund, Etosha King Nehale and Zambezi Mubala Lodge & Camp, provided the tour is planned accordingly. This service is only available for house guests. The OSH-Med team will ensure that the samples are sent directly to the nearest accredited laboratory, confidentially inform you of your test result and forward results to the relevant Namibian authorities. Our guests may continue their trip before the result is received, however need to be available on Day 7 or 8 to be informed of their results via telephone. The above service can be booked for an additional charge of N$ 1500.00.   

Medical Assistance & Care Package 

In the very rare case of a positive Covid-19 result, guests will immediately be attended to by OSH-Med and Gondwana team members. If necessary, Gondwana provides its guests with a registered quarantine and isolation facility either at the Kalahari Farmhouse or at an equivalent private sector facility in Windhoek; where you will receive extensive and exceptional care. In this case Gondwana will reallocate the payments already made for accommodation at the remaining Gondwana establishments, to the stay at Kalahari Farmhouse. If the costs for the stay at the Isolation Facility exceed the remaining amount, the deficit must be paid by the guest or their insurance company.  Should a guest require additional medical care, Windhoek offers three private hospitals. Here your English and German-speaking OSH-Med teams will remain by your side and assist throughout the process. This service in only available for guests and clients, whose heads rest on a Gondwana pillow for at least half the nights of their travel itineraries or for clients, who book a Namibia2Go rental car. Contact your travel specialist Cardboard Box Travel Shop for your tailor-made travel itinerary and enjoy Gondwana’s preferential offers.


Etosha Safari Collection

Photo: Gondwana Collection Namibia

0% Cancellation fee until 48 hours before arrival date, only for Gondwana accommodation bookings

To meet our guests and clients’ needs, Gondwana has added a special clause to its cancellation policy which is valid until 31 October 2021. 0% cancellation fee until 48 hours prior to the arrival date at the lodge due to Covid-19 related instances, e.g. being suspected of carrying the Corona virus and not being allowed to board the plane to Namibia; border closures, either in Namibia or abroad, inclusive of neighbouring borders if it is a cross border itinerary; quarantine advice; fresh lockdown or the like; and where this inability to travel is beyond the control of the guest. If the cancellation is such short notice, our reservations office must be informed via e-mail and telephonically. If it is outside normal office hours, we need to be contacted on our 24 hour emergency number: +264 (0)81 129 2424

Gondwana’s Health and Safety Measures  

Gondwana, in cooperation with OSH-Med, already adapted its Health and Safety Measures as well as Standard Operating Procedures appropriately, at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. We aim to provide a safe environment for guests and our team, while still ensuring guests have an unforgettable and unique Namibian experience 

Flights and Travel Insurances  

Ready to fly to Namibia? Ethiopian Airways, Lufthansa/Eurowings and Quatar Airways will resume flights to Windhoek from middle of September 2020. Travel insurances covering Covid-19 related medical expenses are available, e.g. at HanseMerkur.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information: 






Etosha Safari Collection

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