Partnership in Europe – Gondwana collaborates with Romantik Hotels & Restaurants

Dec 5, 2019

Romantik Hotel

Romantik Hotel Cappello in northern Italy. Photo: Romantik Hotels 

Inke Stoldt

Gondwana Collection Namibia enters into its first marketing partnership with a European hotel group. The Romantik brand includes 200 hotels and 250 restaurants in nine European countries. Each region’s unique characteristics are highlighted with excellent cuisine and an experience of its past. The personally managed hotels form an exclusive collection to meet the highest demands. 

Aside from the company’s partnerships in France and Asia, Romantik Hotels and Restaurants now has its first partner on the African continent – Gondwana Collection Namibia. Gondwana manages more than 20 unique lodges and one hotel in Namibia. The promise of encountering cultures paired with warm hospitality, and the proximity to Namibia’s natural wonders invite visitors to an unforgettable adventure. The two brands will promote each other’s offers in the future and plan to put a staff-exchange system in place. 

“The partnership with Gondwana Collection opens up an all new adventure for Romantik guests in exceptional accommodation establishments in Namibia. The Gondwana Lodges are as unique as the breathtaking nature in this African country,” says Romantik CEO Thomas Edelkamp. 

The majority of tourists in Namibia comes from Germany. Mannfred Goldbeck, Director of the Gondwana Collection, is therefore delighted to collaborate with Romantik, a new partner from one of the major tourist source markets, “Romantik and Gondwana share the same values. It’s about extraordinary experiences and personal hospitality. This connection fits perfectly.”  


Mannfred Goldbeck, Direktor der Gondwana Collection, Thomas Edelkamp, Vorstand Romantik Hotels

Mannfred Goldbeck, Brand and Marketing Direktor of the Gondwana Collection, and Thomas Edelkamp, Romantik Chairman of the Board, instigated the marketing cooperation. Photos: Gondwana Collection Namibia and Romantik Hotels 

Romantik guests who want to travel to Namibia and Gondwana fans who want to explore Germany in the future, will be able to make accommodation reservations that will be mutually bookable via the two partners’ respective distribution channels. In addition, joint marketing activities in the company’s own media and beyond are planned. 

This will be possible with Romantik’s lifestyle magazine that has an annual circulation of over 100,000 copies, distributed via almost 500 kiosks and advertised online. Gondwana reaches its guests online and with a high-quality magazine at the lodges. In addition, the brand offers a particularly wide range of products on the Internet, such as its YouTube channel with a large reach for its collection of more than 20 lodges. 

Staff exchange planned 

“In recent years we have achieved great success in our collaboration with ‘Les Collectionneurs’ in France and ‘Secret Retreats’ in Asia and are now using our experience to take Romantik to the next continent. Beyond the marketing of overnight stays and experiences, we furthermore want to organise an intensive personnel exchange with Gondwana,” says Thomas Edelkamp. The aim is to offer employees from Africa training and work opportunities in Europe. 

Romantik employees from nine European countries also get the chance to work in southern Africa. “We are thus offering exchange opportunities that employees would otherwise only find in internationally active corporations,” says Edelkamp. From a Namibian perspective, Goldbeck adds, “Through the Gondwana Collection, we want to give Namibia and the people who live here a future. With Romantik at our side, we are now reaching another milestone.” 


Gondwana Namushasha River Villa

Gondwana Namushasha River Villa in Namibia’s Zambezi region. Photo: Gondwana Collection