Pretty in Pink: A Ladies weekend at The Desert Grace

Dec 9, 2020

The Desert Grace, Namibia

Having fun at The Desert Grace in the heart of the Namib Desert. Photo: Dirk Heinrich

Husbands had to stay at home over the weekend and look after the kids while the ladies took off to relax at the The Desert Grace that is located on the edge of the Namib Desert in the South of the country close to the infamous Sossusvlei. This included not only enjoying a few pink drinks and excellent food, but Rosalia Ekandjo and Sherley Kaiyamo also managed to do some exercise when exploring the desert landscape by e-bike – an activity offered here at The Desert Grace. An exhausting e-bike ride then ended off with a stop at the pink fridge and pink frame on a small hill close to the lodge where it is custom for visitors to snap their photos.


Gondwana The Desert Grace


A lady’s weekend seemed to have been enjoyed by many. Besides Rosalia and Sherley, another group of six ladies who have been friends since school and university days also left the men behind and enjoyed a getaway with a local tour operator. Two nights at The Desert Grace, ballooning at Sesriem Canyon and a visit to Sossusvlei constituted their weekend away in style. A few smaller groups of ladies were present too and a few couples who all enjoyed the tranquillity of the desert and the privacy of the luxurious bungalows at The Desert Grace. Here the only sounds that can be heard are the wind sweeping over the desert landscape, the barking geckos calling while oryx antelope carefully move closer to have a drink by the water feature under the magnificent artistic structure between the restaurant and the bar area.

Dirk Heinrich


Namib Desert, Namibia