It’s Fishing Season at Zambezi Mubala Lodge and Camp

Oct 30, 2020

Gondwana Zambezi Mubala Lodge & Camp, Fishing, Namibia


The fishing season is in full swing and Gondwana Collection wants to join in on the fun! While Zambezi Mubala Camp and Lodge have been open for three years now, many still don’t know that these properties were formerly known as Island View Lodge and Kalizo Lodge, and their spirit for fishing remains.

While we know that the rod is man’s best friend, we would like to cater for the fisherman’s wife as well – by offering the best possible getaway while hubby is out on the water. We do of course believe that the rod could be woman’s best friend too! So, Zambezi Mubala Lodge and Camp are there to cater to every and either preference.

The Zambezi Mubala Camp Special (5-Day Package N$4960.00 pp sharing) is tailor-made for the avid fisherman: the whole day on the river with an experienced guide and the prospect of catching tigerfish, nembwe, humpback and three-spot or redbreast tilapia. But this is only where your dream begins.


Gondwana Zambezi Mubala Lodge & Camp, Fishing


Dream on as you enjoy a relaxing break at Zambezi Mubala Camp with overnight stay and breakfast. Cook your own dinner on the fire, or enjoy the cosy evening get-togethers in the restaurant and bar, where angling stories are exchanged and the joy of another unique day is celebrated. Join the complimentary sundowner cruise, sit back, forget the hustle and bustle of town and move along to the peaceful rhythm of nature.

If you choose an upgrade to Zambezi Mubala Lodge (5-Day Package N$9110.00 pp sharing), simply leave your vehicle at the Camp to cruise downriver and enter the enchanted surroundings of the Lodge. Relax on your balcony or lie back on your king-size bed in your spacious cabin and absorb the peace of the river, as mekoro slice through the water, the muted sound of cow bells wafts through the air and a cool breeze dances on the river.

Zambezi Mubala Lodge and Camp have a lot more to offer besides its fishing trips. Enjoy lazy hours by the pool, join a guided walk to the bird colonies or a relaxing boat cruise.

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Gondwana Card discounts do not apply. 


Gondwana Zambezi Mubala Lodge & Camp, Fishing