Gondwana weathering the storm

Mar 18, 2020

Gondwana Collection Canyon Lodge

Canyon Lodge. Photo: Gondwana Collection

At this trying time, when the world is changing rapidly and is faced with the extreme social and economic challenges that are being experienced globally, we feel it essential to communicate with our faithful followers, Gondwana card holders and the general public. We would like to assure you that we stand firmly positioned and able to weather the storm. We are using this period constructively to be able to come out afterwards – together with Namibia – stronger than before.

As the Covid-19 virus travels swiftly across the globe with international travel being curtailed and massive disruptions occurring in its wake for the tourism industry as for the entire world, we are grateful to convey that the precautionary measures, which we set in place for the unlikely occurrence of such extreme scenarios, will stand us in good stead and we are confident that we will be able to secure the jobs of all of our 1050 employees.

We are also grateful to convey that our lodges that are based in community or conservancy areas will continue to honour the monthly contractual contributions and that the Gondwana Care Trust will keep running with its various projects around the country. Etosha King Nehale, Gondwana’s newest lodge just outside the King Nehale gate, will still open its doors on 1 May, as planned.

During this time, all of the Gondwana properties remain open for guests and will use this quiet period to concentrate on social and environmental upliftment programmes, and general maintenance. Our training academy, focusing on leadership and hospitality training, will be busy upgrading skills and empowering our staff contingent – with all the precautionary protocols securely in place.

The Gondwana Collection, as a born-free company, established after independence in 1990, is proudly Namibian and we will continue to promote our country – and brand Namibia – on all our platforms. Although our Independence Day fund-raising dinner, in support of our para-athletes, will have to be postponed under the circumstances, join us in celebrating Namibian independence online with the exciting content created by our brand & marketing team.

In these challenging times, we empathise with those affected by the virus worldwide. We will strive to remain positive and productive over this crisis period, to shine light into the darkness and to continue providing our special Gondwana magic – as always.

For updates on the Status quo of COVID-19 in Namibia and Gondwana’s stance on the pandemic, please see www. gondwana-collection.com 


Gondwana Collection Desert Whisper

Desert Whisper. Photo: Gondwana Collection