Gondwana gears up for improved customer service

Mar 1, 2021

Gondwana Travel Centre, Namibia
The new Gondwana Travel Centre introduces its managers and cluster heads (ltr): Sarah Kasupi (2i/c Scheduled Tours), Emile Hart (Integrated Cluster Manager), Cadeescha Hampira (Events), Eddy-Attu Ward (Gondwana Cards/Direct Clients), Erika Gaweses (Corporates and Corporate Events), Natalia Leppen (Engagement Hub) and Charlotte Schoeman (Customer Engagement and Relationship Manager). Photo: Gondwana Collection
Gondwana Collection Namibia is using the quiet period in tourism to reinvent itself. As from 1 March 2021, the Gondwana Travel Centre in Windhoek is acting as an all-in-one hub for travel and safaris in Namibia and supports direct bookings to most Namibian hotels and lodges as well as all Gondwana properties. It assists with car rental needs, travel support and destination management.

Emile Hart, the newly appointed Integrated Cluster Manager of the Gondwana Travel Centre maintains: “Anything is possible. We have time and all the opportunities in the world. We will do this the only way we know how – the Gondwana way. Individual guests in need of a personal touch are welcome to ask for tailor-made itineraries; agents can contact the Gondwana Travel Centre anytime for exciting FIT and group itineraries or scheduled tours.”

In recent years, Gondwana added new brands to its portfolio within the tourism value chain, among them The Cardboard Box Travel Shop and Safari2Go. Following the implication of Covid-19 and ensuing structural changes within the Gondwana Collection Group, these two entities have now been merged to form the Gondwana Travel Centre.

The internal renewal at Gondwana also includes the creation of the Safari2Go Online Travel Agency on www.namibian.org, which will soon be able to support accommodation establishments across Namibia and will bring these offerings to the world.

Gondwana Collection Namibia is very excited to roll out these new projects and to play a vital role in ensuring the success of the Namibian tourism sector.

Gondwana Travel Centre
11 Hugo Hahn Street
Windhoek, Namibia
Tel. +264 61 427200