Generous computer donation for the P.A.Y center in Katutura

Mar 30, 2021

Gondwana Care Trust

Dgini Visser (Operational Trustee of the Gondwana Care Trust) visited the P.A.Y. Center on the occasion of the handover of the computer donation. Photos: Gondwana Collection

In March the Gondwana Care Trust was able to gift the P.A.Y center in Katutura with 15 new computers for their after-school programme in ICT, coding and programming as well as robotics. The computers were donated by an incredibly generous sponsor that wishes to remain anonymous, and then installed by Gondwana Collection Namibia’s IT and Systems Team. This addition has improved the learning environment of the students greatly and most of the children are now able to work separately on the computers instead of having to share.

P.A.Y (Physically Active Youth) center is an after-school safe haven for more than 120 children and young adults providing both academic and sports programmes as well as a nourishing meal. The three pillars include the provision of quality education, promoting a physically active lifestyle amongst the youth and fostering life skills.


P.A.Y Centre, Namibia


A beneficiary of the MealForTwo Project as well as the Back to School Christmas Bag Project, P.A.Y has walked a long way with the Gondwana Care Trust. Within the next few months however, very little to no resources will be available and our funds will face depletion. Although we are trying everything to prevent this from happening, at the hands of such realities, organisations and institutions like P.A.Y, will ultimately bear the hardship.

If you would like to support the Physically Active Youth initiative, you can donate online at the Gondwana Care Trust website or connect to the Gondwana Care Trust directly by sending a mail to Dgini Visser at caretrust(at)


Gondwana Care Trust

Colleagues from Gondwana’s IT department installed the computers.