Etosha King Nehale – Unique through the love of detail

Jul 15, 2020

Etosha King Nehale curio shop

The reception area with the curio shop at Etosha King Nehale.

Located on the Andoni Plains, just one kilometre from Etosha’s northern King Nehale Gate, Etosha King Nehale has been designed and decorated to pay homage to the rich cultural heritage of the area and the majestic riches of the Etosha animal kingdom. Guests of this new Gondwana lodge are immediately captivated by the fascinating atmosphere and warm cordiality that arises from the great attention to detail, whether in the interior design, the choice of food or the small detailed features that they encounter at every turn – not to mention the gracious Gondwana hosts, who will inspire guests to share their love for Namibia.

Uushikependjewo Curio Shop


Etosha King Nehale bags


What a name for the souvenir shop of Etosha King Nehale! A real tongue twister for anybody, who is not Oshiwambo speaking. Yet, the word has a very descriptive and profound meaning. Uushikependjewo translates to “a form of appreciation, a very special gift”.

Onni-Ndangi Iithete came up with the name after seeing the creative selection of local and hand-made Namibian goods and keepsakes on offer. He is a Namibian Governance Professional with a keen interest in the development and practical utilization of indigenous languages. 82 percent of the stunning and modern display is locally crafted and inspired by the fascinating animal kingdom of Etosha National Park and the tradition-conscious Aawambo kingdoms. All items have been sourced and selected carefully by the Gondwana Procurement Team.

Gondwana Procurement Team

The Gondwana procurement team (ltr): Astrid van Lill, Sonia Noirfalise, Danica Geldenhuys, Mariaan Kellerman

Ontalelo Outpost

Another detail that puts this new lodge over the top, is its private access to a secluded waterhole inside Etosha National Park where the lodge has established its Ontalelo Outpost. The name says it all: ontalelo meaning “view, sight”, “outpost” describes a remote part of a kingdom or empire.

Guests can enjoy the fascinating experience of being really close to the wonders of Etosha’s animal kingdom in the secure and uplifting environment of the Ontalelo Outpost, which is reserved for Etosha King Nehale guests only.


Ontalelo Outpost


The guest is king

Etosha King Nehale is situated in the King Nehale Conservancy, only 40 kilometres north of Namutoni. An easy overnight stop after an exciting day of game-viewing in Etosha, the lodge is that much-needed stop on a journey to the northern reaches of the country.

At this welcoming lodge each of the 40 spacious chalets has its own plunge pool and views over the plains, offering guests the exceptional feeling of endless space and limitless horizons.

To the north, the pulsating cultural vibrancy of the communal areas of the Oshikoto, Oshana, Ohangwena and Omusati regions awaits visitors. To the south, the rarely frequented northern parts of the Etosha National Park invite guests to an unforgettable safari.

Inke Stoldt

Etosha King Nehale room