Canyon Lodge – in the eye of the storm

Feb 11, 2021

Gondwana Canyon Lodge, Namibia

A heavy thunderstorm caused some damage at Canyon Lodge. Photos: Gondwana Collection

Canyon Lodge, our first lodge which this year is celebrating its 25th birthday, has had an (un)eventful past few months.

Canyon Lodge has been closed since the pandemic hit Namibian shores. It was then decided that for its 25th birthday it will undergo some renovations and a few touch ups. Receiving some fantastic rains, which the country so desperately needed, we rejoiced at the fact that the Gondwana Canyon Park was finally coming back to life and could not wait to share it with our guests. The doors of the nearby Canyon Roadhouse are standing wide open!


Gondwana Canyon Lodge, damaged solar panels


Mother Nature proceeded to lend a “helping” hand in our renovation plans for the Canyon Lodge, after noticing that we would take a tad longer. Yesterday (10 February 2021), she decided to step in. Within a mere 20 minutes, roof parts, solar panels etc. were torn down and the lodge witnessed one of the stormiest days, making it so much easier with the planned renovations.  

However, as always, our spirits are high, and we once again have a story to tell.


Gondwana Canyon Lodge thunderstorm