Buy a Toy, Bring Joy – Gondwana supports Katutura’s artisan scene

Jan 20, 2021

Little Bugs Project, Namibia

Gondwana’s online shop supports income-generating projects. Photos: The Narrative

The Narrative Online Shop has launched a new campaign called “Buy a Toy, bring Joy” to support local income-generating arts and crafts projects in Katutura.

“The Covid-19 pandemic has completely isolated Namibian artisans from their only source of income, namely international travelers,” says Astrid van Lill, the Curio Manager of Gondwana’s 20 retail shops. “We have managed to keep them afloat during 2020, hoping for better times. It is a matter truly dear to our hearts to assist our local suppliers to gain access to the international market and stand a better chance to earn a living.”

The Narrative is the online shop of Gondwana Collection Namibia, which has more than 20 souvenir shops on its lodges throughout the country. Handmade toys from long-standing income-generating partner projects are now also available online.

For more information, visit The Narrative.


Handcrafted toys, Namibia