Book launch: Discover the Colourful World of Owambo

Dec 7, 2020

Book launch, Discover the Colourful World of Owambo

Group photo of everyone who contributed to the book “Discover the Colourful World of Owambo” (from left to right): Manni Goldbeck, Bianca Pesch, Konstansia Elago, Maria Mvula, Omukwaniilwa Tatekulu Fillemon Shuumbwa Nangolo, Willie Olivier (author), Mrs Ndeitunga Shatona, Ndinelao Shikemeni, Nande Bamm; Mr Vilbard Usiku (not pictured in photo) Photo: Prostudio

On 1 December 2020, an intimate occasion took place at Etosha King Nehale, where a comprehensive guide book to the north, Discover the Colourful World of Owambo was launched. Upon arrival the invited guests were treated to a light lunch, which was shortly followed by an excursion to a private hide, Ontalelo Outpost, to appreciate remarkable wildlife encounters in the Etosha National Park.

As evening fell, the official book launch started with an earnest but humorous message by the publisher, Gondwana Collection Namibia’s Brand & Marketing Director, Manni Goldbeck. The author, Willie Olivier “Othondoro” shared heartfelt words about his journey through northern Namibia, the inspiration and expressed his gratitude to those who made it possible. The Ondonga King, Omukwaniilwa Tatekulu Fillemon Shuumbwa Nangolo mentioned the importance and richness of this book to the Aawambo people and appreciated Gondwana Collection Namibia for their hospitality.

About the book

Discover the Colourful World of Owambo is a comprehensive guide to the North, indispensable to the informed traveller. Studded with jewels of fascinating information, it offers several routes to explore as well as insight on a diverse array of subjects.

Topics range from descriptions of the eight Aawambo communities, annual festivals, traditional dress and diet, including delicacies like mopane worms and bullfrogs, to the Cuvelai drainage system and trees of life, such as the omnipresent makalani palms. The routes contain historical snippets about the towns, regions, their traditional leaders and pre-independence clashes, and explorers, traders and missionaries who left their mark. They also include the rich narrative of popular sites like Nakambale – the old Finnish mission station, the Ombalantu Baobab at Outapi, Ruacana Falls, Lake Otjikoto and Etosha National Park.

Willie Olivier: Discover the Colourful World of Owambo


Up until now Owambo has been a section of Namibia that hasn’t featured in mainstream tourism. This is now changing. Author Willie Olivier has used his in-depth knowledge of the area gleaned over three decades of being a journalist in the North to provide a clear and concise introduction to Owambo for all who are ready to make its acquaintance.

Brimming with information, the book offers good reading for anyone interested in the Oshiwambo culture and history of the region.

The one-of-a-kind travel guide cum handbook will keep you absorbed every time you dip into it with its easy-to-read style and delicious detail.

Discover the Colourful World of Owambo is available in the Namibia2Go shop in Windhoek (Bassingthwaighte St.), bookshops and in the souvenir shops of selected Gondwana Lodges. For orders please contact

Willie Olivier: The Colourful World of Owambo. Gondwana Collection Namibia, Windhoek 2020, ISBN 978-99916-896-9-2, 368 pages, N$425.00)