Are you spook proof? A Short Ghost Story

Aug 19, 2020

Hudson Terraplane 1934 Namibia

This Hudson Terraplane, built in 1934 has an interesting story to tell. Photo: Inke Stoldt

This rusty Hudson Terraplane, built in 1934 and riddled with revolver bullets, tells a fascinating ghost story. The car wreck lies in the beautiful landscape of the Gondwana Sperrgebiet Rand Park in southern Namibia. As old folks tell, the Hudson belonged to two thieves, who had stolen diamonds in the Sperrgebiet (Diamond Restricted Area). The police caught them at the entrance to the Geisterschlucht (Ghost Valley). Both thieves were killed in a gunfight and the diamonds were never recovered. Ever since then, it is said that the two thieves haunt the Geisterschlucht on moonlit evenings, still searching for their lost diamonds.

Close to the Geisterschlucht are the Klein-Aus Vista accommodation establishments; the Desert Horse Inn, Eagle’s Nest Chalets, Geisterschlucht Cabin and the Klein-Aus Vista Campsite. Well-marked mountain bike and hiking routes invite you to explore the diverse flora and fauna of the Succulent Karoo and the breathtaking landscape of the Aus Mountains. The ramparts built by the German Schutztruppe more than 100 years ago and the historic ox-wagon route are close by, while the wild horses of the Namib and the historically interesting Lüderitzbucht with the ghost town of Kolmanskop are only a day trip away.

Inke Stoldt

Geisterschlucht, Klein-Aus Vista

The entrance to Geisterschlucht (Ghost Valley) in the Gondwana Sperrgebiet Rand Park. Photo: Inke Stoldt