Gondwana Care Trust – Sharing our hearts

Gondwana lodges are in close connection to their surrounding communities. Our commitment to social responsibility and community support stand fundamental in our philosophy. We have always strived to make a positive difference in our environment and communities. Several years ago, the “Gondwana Memes & Tates”, a group of dedicated colleagues, started supporting selected charities to ensure that they reach those in need.

Encouraged by the great success, we have formalised this important focus by establishing the Gondwana Care Trust in 2017 – a dedicated Corporate Social Initiative (CSI) fund. The Gondwana Care Trust currently supports more than 20 projects across Namibia. Our efforts include the donation of food, clothing, bedding, and educational materials for schools, as well as the support of important environmental causes. The Trust wants to raise public awareness of its projects and to provide a channel for other like-minded people and businesses to get involved.

Our commitment to social upliftment is also visible in the wide range of Namibian products in our lodges’ souvenir shops and in the joint projects with local communities.