A small bird as a symbol of love and forgiveness

Oct 15, 2019

Cape Sparrow

A particularly handsome male Cape Sparrow (Photo: Kirsten Kraft) 

Kirsten Kraft

He is nimble, clever, cheeky. A feisty little guy who nevertheless tries to keep safe as far as possible. Not much attention is paid to him, although he is endemic to southern Africa and our constant companion – in large cities as much as in remote grasslands. But Passer melanurus, the Cape Sparrow, perhaps better known as mossie, is a delight to watch and in a way has even come to fame.

The Cape Sparrow’s strategy of success is its adaptability. This 15cm long bird is flexible in its choice of nesting place, but it doesn’t create an architectural masterpiece. Both parent birds collect twigs, mop fluff and feathers as nesting material for their potential nursery and put it together in a wildly mixed-up mess. The sparrow’s nest looks like an avian version of a pigsty. Their top priority, however, is socializing and love for one another.

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