A good deed at the beginning of a New Year

Jan 6, 2021

Gondwana Zambezi Mubala Camp, Namibia

Zambezi Mubala Camp is a dream for nature lovers, anglers and bird watchers. 

During June 2019 on a trip to the Zambezi Region Ingo and his wife camped at Zambezi Mubala Camp. On one of their Zambezi Sundowner Cruises, Zuma, their guide started chatting about all and sundry. During their conversation, it became clear that he was very keen to acquire the Bible in his own Lozi language. Ingo told him that he knew of a group of Afrikaans speaking people from South Africa, who years ago distributed the Lozi Bible in the Zambesi Region as part of their missionary work.

Ingo promised Zuma that he would try and source a copy of the Bible for him and bring it with on his next trip, which was planned for December the same year.

Little did he realise how difficult this would turn out to be.


Handover of Lozi Bible

On 1 January 2020, Ingo presented a Lozi Bible to a delighted Zuma.

However, one morning in October out of the blue Ingo’s friend Christa, who knew about his story, presented him with a brand new copy of the Bible in the Lozi language, still wrapped in plastic.

Eventually on the 1st of January 2020, Ingo handed over the Bible to a very delighted Zuma.

David “Zuma” Matome has since been promoted to Guest Relations Manager at Zambezi Mubala Camp. He makes the most of his Bible. Zuma reads from it not only to his family, but also to the congregation of the New Apostolic Church in Kalimbeza, where he is a lay preacher.


Gondwana Zambezi Mubala Camp, Namibia

Zambezi Mubala Camp has shaded campsites and comfortable rustic self-catering tents.